Effectively communicating an idea in writing is often more complex than it may seem. There is more to it than just putting words to paper; business writing must be intentional with content that makes sense, both grammatically and to the reader, and that conveys the intended message as efficiently as possible without losing or diverting from its underlying meaning. Most organisations either do not house the right skills in-house or simply do not have the time to create effective written content (and often doing so takes resources away from productive core activities) making outsourcing the ideal time and cost saving solution to ensure adequate and timely communication of information.

The Amras team is comprised of exceptional writers with backgrounds in finance, private equity and corporate advisory so all content compiled is backed by practical and relevant knowledge and experience. The business acumen of our personnel allows us to also offer research services for the composition of documents, including market research and industry analysis, as well as financial modelling services where necessary.

Business Plans

A business plan is the lens into a company that tells you where a business has been and where it’s likely heading. This the first-line of communication between organisations and investors and is one of the primary decision making tools for funding decisions. Internally, it forces management to examine and, in the medium to long term reexamine, each component of their operations and piece everything together in a logical and coherent manner.︎

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Investment and Research Reports

Before making any investment decision investors need adequate information and a comprehensive picture of what they are putting their money into. The required volume of information for investors under a single firm may not warrant the need to hire a full time analyst and with investment managers already tied down with other tasks the most time efficient and low cost option would be to outsource the function to an independent consultant.

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Business proposals are floated around frequently each proposition seeking something different. Unfortunately, the downfall of many businesses is their inability to court valuable partners appropriately, often due to a poorly executed business proposal. Even with a potentially ground breaking idea poor delivery of that idea can result in numerous rejections and dead ends.︎

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Annual Reports

The annual report is a great opportunity to showcase what an organisation is about and its achievements over the year. The words used in an annual report must capture and keep a person’s attention and effectively communicate information about an organistion and its performance.

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Tender Documents

Winning a tender can be extremely rewarding but the work that goes into it is nothing short of gruelling. A lot of paper work is involved in bidding for a tender and unfortunately as you prepare for a submission everything else doesn’t stop.

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